Will Smith Movies List 2014 Upcoming Releases

Will Smith Movies List 2014

Will smith is one of the top heroes of Hollywood find Will Smith Upcoming Movies 2014 2015 List here. This Hollywood star was born on 25th September, 1968. This great American actor had proved himself as a best rapper, producer and actor. He have also done some television series, and acquired a good name all over the world. Moreover, he had also done some musical albums too. He was termed as a powerful actor by Newsweek in Hollywood in the year 2007. Smith had also done 4 Grammy awards, 2 academy awards and 4 golden globe awards. He is also nominated to the Oscar awards under the category of best actor for the films the pursuit of Happiness and Ali. Most of his films have collected almost $500milllion at the box office. In fact most of his films are too entertaining and consists of fabulous graphics and fights. Music is the main attraction for his films.

Will Smith upcoming new Movies List 2014 2015

List of super hit movies of Will Smith:

Below list consist some of the hit movies of Will Smith
Independence Day
• Men in Black
• Men in Black 2
• Men in Black III
• Bad Boys
• Bad Boys 2
• Six Degrees of Separation
• Hancock
• Enemy of the State
• The Legend of Bagger Vance
• Enemy of the State

Will Smith upcoming movies list 2014

Everyone is eagerly waiting for smith’s movie. Thus, we have brought here the list of upcoming films of smith to make you feel excited and happy. Have a look on the below list to find out with whom smith worked. Smith have tried something new in all the below films and no doubt in it you’ll just love these films. Most of the smith movies are the most anticipated films of the world.

Bad Boys 3 – Announced !

Winter’s Tale: This fantasy film is a story is related to both 19th century and the present-day. This story is all about a thief, flying white horse and dying girl. The director, Akiva Goldsman has directed this film in an outstanding way. You’ll just amaze after seeing this film on screen. Akiva Goldsman had also done the screen play for this film. The stars of this were Will smith, Matt Borner and Russell Crowe.

Han cock 2: It is another upcoming film of will Smith. However, the director John Hancock had not released any news about this film. So, his fans have to wait to hear about the other cast of this film till March. Dell is also planning to make the film Robot2 with Will Smith. But, this movie is not yet confirmed. We have to eagerly wait for this crazy combination.

Will Smith and movie list with upcoming movies 2014:- Complete list of expected films of Will Smith in 2014-
• Winter’s Table
• Han cock2
• Bad Boys 2
• I Robot 2

All the above films of Smith are high budget films and thus the expectations are really high on these films. We are here to provide you all the latest updates on the upcoming and top films of the Hollywood popular stars. So, stay tuned. Don’t go away and watch Will Smith Upcoming New movies list of 2014!

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