Top songs on the radio in 2014

What are the current Top songs on the radio in 2014 today and this week, Since age’s radio plays a key role in our life both ways by giving us regular updated news, programs for entertaining us and also making us rock with the latest collection of the top new songs on the radio. As we all know that in India the radio programs comes in various different languages in order to reach the heart of each individual people staying in India. Songs in regional languages are also required to entertain people who don’t know the other languages. With the passage of time we have noticed that Indian radio gives importance to each category of songs, which means that over the radio you can get to listen:

top radio songs 2014

• Classical music
• Gazhals
• Regional songs
• Theme related songs
• Romantic songs
• Album songs
• Rock songs
• Bollywood movie songs
And many more are there on the list.

The Top 10 songs on radio 2014 List:

Changes and variations in the songs can be well noticed if you listen to the radio songs of 80’s and the 21st centuries. In previous years people used to put on the radio early in the morning while enjoying the morning tea and reading the newspaper with awesome songs on the radio, to make the rest part of the day fresh and energetic. Portable radios were less in number during those days and so it was difficult for people to carry the same on their way to office or any other destination. But with the rapid development of technology these days the FM radio changed the life of all, you can listen to it while driving your car, you can listen to it while going on an evening walk in your mobile set or even on the bus on the way to office. Below we are giving the list of Top 10 songs on radio 2014 especially for you:

# 01- The Monster — Eminem Feat. Rihanna
# 02- Counting Stars — OneRepublic
# 03- Demons — Imagine Dragons
# 04- Wake Me Up! — Avicii
# 05- Timber — Pitbull Feat. Ke$ha
# 06- Royals — Lorde
# 07- Hold On, We’re Going Home — Drake Feat. Majid Jordan
# 08- Let Her Go — Passenger
# 09- Stay The Night — Zedd Feat. Hayley Williams
# 10- Wrecking Ball — Miley Cyrus
# 11- Burn — Ellie Goulding
# 12- Do What U Want — Lady Gaga Feat. R. Kelly
# 13- Roar — Katy Perry
# 14- Sweater Weather — The Neighbourhood
# 15- Team — Lorde
# 16- Say Something — A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
# 17- Story Of My Life — One Direction
# 18- White Walls — Macklemoore & Ryan Lewis Feat. ScHoolboy & Hollis
# 19- Applause — Lady Gaga
# 20- Holy Grail — Jay-Z Feat. Justin Timberlake
# 21- Stay — Florida Georgia Line
# 22- Pompeii — Bastille
# 23- Drunk Last Night — Eli Young Band
# 24- Love More — Brown Feat. Nicki Minaj
# 25- Blurred Lines — Robin Thicke Feat. T.I. + Pharrell

Radio songs- A new dimension to the world of music:

In recent time if we can take a survey then we will get to see that 99% of the population in India loves listening to FM radio always, anytime and anywhere as the same makes them happy , cheerful, energetic and the mood refreshing. The newest songs on the radio make you feel happy from inside. Besides music you get the opportunity to listen to the interviews of great singers whom you desperately love and last but not the least you get the chance to win goodie bags on the questions asked on your favorite music played on the radio.

A key contribution is made by Radio in the world of music and the same cannot be ignored. So go ahead and listen to the top songs on radio in 2014 now and be happy and make others happy too.

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