Top Sad Songs 2014 list

The best new latest sad songs of year 2014. There are always times when one wants to listen to the sad songs. Maybe you’ve been feeling very low, or you had a bad day, and you just want to come back home and listen to a sad song, a slow sad song that would go perfectly with you mood and make you feel cozy and comfortable. Our top sad songs 2014 list is what you need at such times. Our list includes the new sad songs 2014 for the younger generation and some old and classic songs that maybe the not so younger generation would love to hear.

top 10 Best sad songs 2014

Who says that only younger Generation can be heartbroken? Who says that the sadness that we experience in our teens is the worst? Our top sad songs 2014 includes some classic sad songs for the not so younger generations, making our list the one everyone would want to listen to when times get low. But don’t worry, we provide new sad songs 2014 too for the present generation. Heartbreaks are tough times for all of us. Sometimes our parents just don’t understand us, sometimes everyone fails to understand our feelings, our songs are exactly what you would want to listen to, maybe sitting alone, calmly in your room for some peace of mind.

Top Sad Songs of all time

Our new sad songs 2014 list is going to include all such songs of your choice. Out top sad songs 2014 provide you with classic records such as Old Shep by Elvis Presley, and songs like The Earth song and She’s outta my life by Michael Jackson which you could just sit down in one corner and listen to and get lost in the musical world in the times of your sorrow.

  • Aenima ~ Tool
  • Lightning Crash ~ Live
  • My Heart Will Go On ~ Celine Dion
  • Down Poison ~ 3 Doors Down
  • Bedtime Story ~ Madonna
  • Unforgiven ~ Metallica
  • It was a good day ~ Ice Cube
  • Please Forgive Me ~ Bryan Adams
  • Freshman ~ Verve
  • Don’t Cry ~ Seal
  • Shape of My Heart ~ Sting
  • You are Not Alone ~ Michael Jackson
  • I’m Laughing from My Tears ~ Toby Keith & Sting
  • I will Go Sailing No More ~ Randy Newman
  • Self-Esteem ~ The Off Spring
  • Never Gonna Get It ~ En Vogue
  • Head Like a Hole ~ Nine Inch Holes
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana
  • When I Come Around ~ Green Day
  • Blind ~ Korn
  • What’s my Name ~ Snoop Dogg
  • The Beautiful People ~ Marilyn Manson
  • Weezer ~ Bloody Holly
  • (Everything I Do) I Do It For You ~ Bryan Adams
  • Truly Madly Deeply ~ Savage Garden
  • When Love and Hate Collide ~ Def Leppard
  • November Rain, Don’t Cry, Paradise City ~ Guns N’ Roses
  • Don’t want to miss a thing ~ Aerosmith

New Releases Sad Songs 2014

Maybe the Redemption Song by the legendary Bob Marley is what you’re looking for, or maybe Angel of Harlem by U2, or maybe songs like My Immortal by Evanescence is what you’re looking for – you can count on our new sad songs 2014 list to be reliable on the lines of the music that you want to listen to. Our top sad songs 2014 will definitely include on the new sad songs 2014 of your choice.

Coming soon….

Well if you’re low and still out there searching for a place where you could find the songs of your choice, our top sad songs 2014 will give you what you’re looking for. Get updated with our new top 10 sad songs 2014 today to experience the effect of music in the times when the mood is low.

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