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Who are the Top Highest Paid Actors in Tamil/ Tollywood in 2014, A number of new heroes are giving their entry into the film industry daily, but only few of them created an unforgettable mark in the Indian film industry. Some of the most wanted heroes of Tamil film industry include Rajinikanth, Surya, Vijay, and Kamal hasan, Vijay, Karthi and Vikram. In general the movies of these heroes will be released both in the Tamil and Telugu at a time. This is the reason why they are famous in both Tamil film industry and Tollywood. Do you know the 2014 highest paid actors in Tamil? So, have a look below to find out which heroes have got the highest pay for most of his films.

List of Highest Paid Tamil Actors

1. Rajinikanth: Rajinikanth is not only popular in India, but all over Asia. Rajinikanth had started his career with the Balachandran’s movie. He has attracted the attention of everyone with the movie ‘Muthu’. This movie has earned him the worldwide fame for his style and action. Some of the examples for his success include Sivaji, Narasimha, Arunachalam, Robo, and many more. So, this hero stands first in the highest paid actors of Tamil film industry. This dynamic hero has charged Rs 240 crores for his film ‘Rana’. This great hero was offered 240 crores for his next film which comes after ‘Rana’ by a reputed director. He will be given 8crores per day, and this remuneration is almost equal to the remuneration of Hollywood most wanted heroes. Besides, after Jackie Chan, Rajini is the second highly paid actor of Asia.

rajnikanth highest paid Tamil Actor 2014

2. Vijay: This mass hero is popular for his action. It was Vijay who was most popular after Rajinikanth in Asia. No doubt in it, he is going to be the future star of Tamil industry. He is soon going to achieve the heights like Rajinikanth. Most of his films have given a great competition to the films of Rajini. In fact, his films have equally achieved the box office collections of Rajini’s films. No doubt in it, this star is soon going to reach a remuneration of 40crores, and it is definitely an achievement for him at a very young age. Recently, this youg hero has received a remuneration of 20crores for the film ‘Adhyayam Ondru’, and this film is directed by Gautham menon.

vijay photos 2014

3. Kamal Hasan: Kamal Hasan stood in rank 3 in terms of remuneration. This great legendary actor has received a remuneration of 19.5crores for his film ‘Vishwaroopam’, which is one of the high budget films of Tamil industry.

Kamal Hassan photos 2014

4. Ajith: He is the most anticipated hero of Tamil film industry. He gave some great hits like Billa to the Indian film industry. Billa2 is soon going to hit the theatres with the popular star Ajith. He was offered 16crores for this film. He is one of the rising stars of Tamil film industry.

Ajith Photos 2014

5. Surya: This young and smart hero is no less to others in terms of remuneration. Even he is giving a strong competition to the top heroes. Moreover, he have great craze in both Tollywood and in Tamil film industry. Recently he was offered 15crores for the film ‘Maatran’.

surya photos 2014

Besides both
6. Vikram
7. Karthi

Both are receiving an equal remuneration. Recently they have been offered 10 crores for their upcoming films.
The other three actors who made their place in the Top Highest Paid Actors in Tamil list are:

8. Dhanush- Dhanush is presently taking around 4.5 to 5 Cores
9. Simbhu- Simbhu is taking around 3 to 4 cores.
10. Vishal- His salary is around 2 cores

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