Top 10 Hollywood Highest Paid Actors in 2014

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Share This list of Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood  2014, Everybody is crazy about the Hollywood movies. In fact they are very popular for the outstanding graphics, and fights. These movies are not only famous in America but also in India too. Moreover, they have a great demand in India. The collections of the Hollywood films are 100times greater than any other film industry. In general the Hollywood films are very high budget films. Most of the top paid actors of Hollywood are Tom cruise, Adam Sandler, Leonardo, Dwayne, Sacha, Ben, Mark, Will, Johnny, Robert and Tailor. Check out the below list to find out which actor is the highly paid actor in Hollywood. Check out the below List of top paid actors in Hollywood:

List fo Highest Paid Hollywood Actor

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise is the only actor who has received a huge salary of $75 millions. He has received this salary for the film ‘War of the worlds’. He has got a great demand even at an age of 50Years. He was a successful producer as well as an actor. He is the only who was nominated for the 3 academy awards and in fact he won 3 prestigious golden globe awards. This great, handsome hero started his career with the film Taps at an age of 19. However, it was the Top Gun which had given a turning point in his career. This legendary hero is getting a pay of 75million dollars per film. Most of his films have created box office records and almost collected a huge amount of 700million dollars. Some of his hits include Vanilla sky, Collateral, The last Samurai and etc.

tom cruise highest paid actor Hollywood photos 2014

Leonardo Dicaprio: This hero stood second in the highest paid actors of Hollywood. This great hero is receiving remuneration of 37million dollars. This stylish hero is nominated for golden globe awards for around 8 times. This stylish hero has got a worldwide craze for his films. His film ‘The Aviator’ had created a great sensation all over the world, and thus he had received the golden globe award for his ex-ordinary performance in this film. He was also nominated for the satellite awards and academy awards too. Some of his top films include Mavin’s room, Cameron’s titanic and the basket ball Dairies.

Leonardo DiCaprio photos 2014

Adam Sandler: Even this hero stood in second place in terms of salary. This handsome hero is receiving a salary of $37million dollars. This great hero is a successful comedian, screen writer, producer, musician and song writer. Some of his hits include big daddy, the water boy, Billy Madison and many more.

Adam Sandler photos 2014

Dwayne Johnson: This great hero stood third in the salary rankings. At present he is receiving a salary of 36million dollars.

dwayne johnson photos 2014

Ben Stiller: This dynamic and cute hero is receiving a salary of 33million dollars, and thus he stood in fourth place in terms of salary rankings.

Ben Stiller photos 2014

Sacha Baron: This great hero is getting 30million dollars at present, and thus he has occupied the 5th place in terms of the highly paid actors.

Sacha Baron photos 2014

Johnny Depp: Even this hero is receiving 30million dollars for his films. Just like other actors even he had some prestigious awards.

Johnny Depp photos 2014

Will smith: Will Smith is demanding for 30million dollars for his films.

Will Smith photos 2014

Mark Wahlberg: Mark is receiving a salary of 27million dollars for his films.

mark wahlberg photos 2014

Taylor: Taylor is demanding a salary of 26.5million dollars to sign a film.

The list will be updated soon to keep you updated about the latest status of your favorite star. Be with us as keep visiting the site on regular basis for the latest list of Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2014.

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