Top 10 Best Pashto new songs 2014 mp3 list

Which new Pashto songs 2014 releasing with best beats in the list of top 10 ,Pashto music is highly popular around the globe, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Besides, the people in FAT areas and Baluchistan are very crazy about this music. Pashto songs are similar to those of folk songs, and the only difference between them is musical instruments used. These songs look so lively, and create a lovely atmosphere. If you are planning to picnic or tour then these songs would be your ideal choice.

best new pashto songs 2014 mp3

The various instruments which are used for composing the Pashto songs are the following:
• Tabla
• Drum
• Harmonium
• Traditional guitar
• Fiddle
• Flute
• Piper
• Sitar

Best Pashto Singers of all time

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Pashto songs 2014, as these songs are composed for the first time by using some latest musical instruments. These songs will definitely create a good feel among the people and make people feel its charisma. Moreover, these songs will be very refreshing. These Pashto songs 2014 will be entirely different from the previous Pashto songs. look the list of pashto singers


  • Azim Khan
  • Bakhtiar Khattak
  • Baryali Samadi
  • Doctor Atta
  • Farhad Darya
  • Fay Khan
  • Fiza Fayyaz
  • Gulzar Alam
  • Gulnar Begum
  • Gulfan Album
  • Haroon Bacha
  • Hasina Khan
  • Humayun Khan
  • Irfan Khan
  • Janas Khan
  • Khyal Mohd
  • Kifayat Shah
  • Masood Akhter
  • M.Ali Haider
  • Mix Songs
  • Naghma
  • Nashanas
  • Nazia Iqbal
  • Rafique Shinwari
  • Rahim Shah
  • Sat Pardessi
  • Sangeen Afridi
  • S.Ali Takkar
  • Sarfaraz Afridi
  • Shabnam
  • Shahensha Bacha
  • Shakila Naz
  • Sitar Music
  • Ulus Yar Khan
  • Wagma
  • Zeek Afridi
  • Zia Khattak

However the Pasto songs would be your best choice to enjoy yourselves during your get-togethers. Some of the genres of Pashto music include

Tappa: It is the most popular and oldest genre of Pashto poetry. These are great sentimental songs with enormous expressions. These songs are usually preferred during marriages to express the bride parents feeling and grief.

Charbeta: This is a fast beat Pashto music, in which the singer reads first few lines and chorus is given by 2 or more singers. According to our traditions Charbetta is the music which starts after Tappa.

Neemakai: This is a Pashto music which is usually sung by a woman. The unique feature of this type of Pash to is that the first few lines usually repeats in the mid of the song. These songs are specially meant to describe your love and life to your beloved ones.
However the other genres of this music include neemakai, Loba, Shan, Badala and Rubayi.

Top Pashto Songs 2014

We have done lots of research and brought the top Pashto songs 2014 here to provide you the best. The below list of top Pashto songs 2014 will definitely create a sensation around the globe. Have a look on it for enjoying them maximum.

  1. Naadaney Babu
  2. Liwanay Ta
  3. Sta Da Do Wrazo Sparlay
  4. Tappay – 02 (Nihar Ali & Jamsheed Afridi)
  5. Da Zalfo Sory De Kalam De – Rahim Shah
  6. Laila Laila – Nazia Iqbal and Javed Fiza
  7. Benangi Ma Yuwaze Na Da Kare – Da Zra Awaz
  8. Starga Rapegi Zama
  9. Sta Nari Mla Khkoli Da – Nangyalay
  10. Da Sahaar Wagma
  11. Our Di Vi Angar Di Vi
  12. Ka De Starge Na Sabregi
  13. Da Badmashe Jeenai Yaar
  14. Taagh La Khura Soak Ghadda
  15. Grana Yaara Sta Yama – Zeb Khan & Sitara Younas
  16. Warri Shaira Shi
  17. Ma Oor Ka Ma Lamba Ka
  18. Ma Ba Malang Ke Sheen Khaley – Gul Panra And Rahim Shah
  19. NiazBeene Me Da Starge
  20. Mabandi De Yara Cigrati Olagido – Nangyalay
  21. Tor Topak Pa Las Garzam
  22. Agha Khkulay Bya
  23. Ma O Pinjande Pa Toor Paronay ke
  24. Akhtar De Mubarak Sha – Prrang Ba Na Cheyre

Stay tuned to this site for finding more updates on the upcoming top 10 new Pashto songs 2014 mp3 lists.

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