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Naga Chaitanya Movies List 2013 Upcoming

by admin on September 19, 2014

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Naga Chaitanya’s Movies List: Upcoming Telugu Movies 2013

Biography: Another prospering star in the Telugu film industry has been Naga Chaitanya who is the son of Akkineni Nagarjuna. Born on 23rd November 1986 he has starred in some of the most famous movies and has become the ‘chocolate boy’ of the Telugu film industry today. With his father’s talent and his mother’s spectacular looks, this charismatic and charming Indian actor has formulated his name in the cinematics.
His debut movie had been none other than the college flick ‘Josh’ in which the actor was simply one of the side roles. However it was his second movie which won appreciation all over, namely Ye Maaya Chesave after which he was able to obtain critical acclaim in the Telugu film industry. Even though his film career has started recently however his talent has definitely allowed him to win the title of Best Male Debut in the Filmfare Awards. He has been nominated plenty a times due to his exceptional acting skills most of which have been in the Nandi Awards and Filmfare Awards.

Naga Chaitanya Movies List 2013

Naga Chaitanya has been brought up from a film induced environment where his grandfather is one of the most profound producers whereas his maternal uncle Daggubati Venkatesh is another acclaimed actor. He is the half brother of Akhil Akkineni and is the son of the actor Akkineni Nagarjuna with Lakshmi Daggubatti. He was born in Hyderabad however was moved to Chennai after the divorce. It has been claimed that Naga Chaitanya is a talented actor who like his father owns the stage once he is on set.

List of Super Hit Naga Chaitanya Movies:

1. Josh
2. Ye Maaya Chesave
3. 100% Love
4. Dhada
5. Bejawada

If you’re a movie fanatic who’s in search for the best and upcoming movies of this famous actor then you’ve arrived at the right corner. We present to you information regarding your favorite artists and out here we give to you updates regarding the upcoming movies of Naga Chaitanya 2013 will be expecting. Are you eager to know more? Stay tuned in for daily updates regarding the best and newest Naga Chaitanya movies 2013 will be releasing.

List of Upcoming Naga Chaitanya Movies 2014:

1. Autonagar Surya
2. Thrayam

If you wish to read the synopsis of the above two movies we give to you some details where you will know more about Naga Chaitanya’s contribution within the movies 2014 will be expecting. If you’re seeking the best and the latest, then you should stay updated for the newest Telugu movies 2014 will be releasing featuring Naga Chaitanya in different roles.

1. Autonagar Surya: This movie is said to be another massive hit for 2013 where Naga Chaitanya has been enrolled for the lead role. The movie will comprise of a mechanic who falls in love with a city girl played by none other than Samantha who is the leading lady alongside Naga Chaitanya. Directed by Deva Katta and produced by Atchi Reddy the storyline focuses upon the automobile industry where injustice endangers lives however our hero played by Naga Chaitanya serves to provide justice to those who deserve it. The movie is expected to be released on 2nd Feb 2013.

2. Thrayam: Starring alongside his father Akkineni Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya plays one of the lead roles in this movie which is expected to be released on 1st August 2013. Samantha is the lovely leading lady who will act alongside Naga Chaitanya in this Telugu hit screenplay which is a production of Nageswara Rao, hence we’ll be witnessing three generations within a single movie.

Stay tuned in if you’re searching for more information regarding the upcoming Telugu movies og Naga Chaitanya 2014 will be expecting!


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