Taylor Swift New Songs 2014 List – Top 10 Albums

Taylor Swift New Songs List 2014 – All time top 10 albums

Taylor Alison Swift popular in the name of Taylor Swift is an American song writer and singer, whose song reached the heart of millions of people across globe. She specialized herself in county music since the age of only fourteen. On record Taylor Swift is the youngest singer ever who has been hired by the publishing house of Sony/ATV Music. It was in the year 2008, when Taylor bagged the nomination in the Best New Artist category of Grammy Awards. From 2006 onwards Taylor gave numerous hit in the category of country music. If we start counting the number of hits given by her, it will be a never ending list. Her success in singing carrier bagged her Six Grammy awards. Below is the list of Taylor swift top 10 songs which is specially selected for the music lovers:

Taylor Swift New songs Albums list 2014

Taylor Swift Latest New Albums 2014

Besides County music Taylor showed her expertise in the area of love music. There is so much melody in her voice that people get automatically attracted to her songs without ant try. We can say she is god gifted as so much talent and that too at a young age is very difficult to see.

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If we go through the list of latest albums released of Taylor, then we will get to see lots of variations in the music which is really awesome to here. She specialized from country songs to love and rock songs too. Each of her song is so unique that sometimes she is considered as the melody of music by the music experts. We are mentioning a list of love songs and latest new albums 2014 of Taylor Swift for you:

Most popular top 10 songs list Taylor swift:

Some of the songs of the singers gets very popular and is remembered always by the music lovers. Same is the case with Taylor Swift; she possesses a long list of popular songs which she loved by the music lovers a lot. Check out the below list of Most popular Top 10 songs list Taylor Swift:

01.‘Love Story’ – ‘Fearless’ (2008)
02.‘Mean’ – ‘Speak Now’ (2010)
03.‘Our Song’ – ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006)
04.‘Tim McGraw’ – ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006)
05.‘Mine’ – ‘Speak Now’ (2010)
06.‘Ours’ – ‘Speak Now’ (2010)
07.‘You Belong With Me’ – ‘Fearless’ (2008)
08.‘Picture to Burn’ – ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006)
09.‘Enchanted’ – ‘Speak Now’ (2010)
10.‘Should’ve Said No’- ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006)

Taylor swift new songs 2014:

The year 2013 was very promising for the singer Taylor Swift and same expectations are there from the coming year 2014. There is a long list of music which is scheduled for release in the year 2014. Below is the list of Taylor swift new songs 2014:

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Keep listening to the awesome songs of the sweet young singer Taylor Swift, who touched the heart of people at a very young age. We expect more new songs in the year 2014 for her, so stay tuned with us for the latest update of Taylor Swift New Songs and albums 2014.

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