Selena Gomez New Albums Songs List 2014 Top 10

Selena Gomez new albums Songs 2014 List

A bright star in the sky of music is Selena Marie Gomez, popular in name of Selena Gomez. She is a great singer as well as a successful American actress. She worked hard to expand her career in the field of music and launched a pop band group in the name of Selena Gomez & the Scene. This band released RIAA Gold certified studio albums which are three in number and also RIAA Platinum certified singles which are also 3 in number. It was in the year 2008 when she was honored with the designation of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Below is the list of Selena Gomez songs list which is specially selected for the fans of Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez photos new songs albums 2014 list

Selena Gomez is a young lady born on July 22, 1992. She was a great talent by birth and melody in her voice was god gifted. Besides being a very good singer she also possesses the talent of acting with perfection. She is popular among her fans in various nick names which includes Sel, Selly, Selenita and Conchita. She sang the theme tune in the Disney Channel show named “Wizards of Waverly Place” in the year 2007.Below is the list of Selena Gomez new albums songs 2014 for you:

A list of All Top 10 Selena Gomez songs:

For Selena Gomez, Britney Spears is her idol in the world of music. In such a young age she made her presence felt in world music with her melodious yet different voice. The fan list of Selena Gomez is very long at such a short span of time. Some songs of Selena Gomez became so popular that you will get to see that almost every music lover is having the collection for it. So we thought of providing you the list of the popular songs of her. She is a good friend of another young talent Taylor Swift. Check out the below a list of Selena Gomez top 10 songs which are very popular:

  • 1.Falling Down
  • 2.Naturally
  • 3.Tell me something I don’t know
  • 4. As a Blonde
  • 5.I don’t miss you at all
  • 6.More
  • 7.I won’t Apologize
  • 8.Crush
  • 9.Kiss & Tell
  • 10. Stop & Erase

Selena Gomez New songs 2014:

The year 2013 is very impressive for this young musical talent and we being her supreme fan expect lot more from her in the coming year. Hope she will come up with lots of new songs to entertain her fans and we all are eagerly waiting for that. Below is the list of new Selena Gomez songs 2014 and upcoming new albums :

Coming soon…..

There will be regular updating of the above lists of songs so that all fans of Selena Gomez are aware of all the songs of her. So join us and stay tuned with us for the latest update on the Selena Gomez new songs and albums list of 2014.

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