Ravi Teja Movies List – Upcoming 2013

Ravi Teja Movies List: Upcoming Telugu Movies 2013 ,Biography: Here is another famous and prestigious actor known by the name Ravi Teja also known as Bhupatiraju Ravi Shankar Raju. Born on 26th January 1968, he is one of the most proclaimed Telugu who also has been placed on the list of highest paying actors in the Telugu film industry. He won the Nanda Award and the Filmfare Awards, for certain movies like Neninthe which was released back in 2008. He has acted in over 50 movies as well as has had plenty of blockbusters simultaneously.

Ravi Teja upcoming Movies List 2013

Born within a village named Jaggampeta, his mother and weren’t involved within the film industry however he fell in love with movies and decided to build his career upon it. It was in 2002 when he was married to Kalyani and the couple have two children Mokshadha and Mahadhan. Apart from his initial nominations and wins for movies like Nee Kosam that won him the Nandi Awards for 1999. Nominated for Filmfare Award for the movie Kick, he won another Nandi Jury Award back in 2002, it was Khadgam which proved to be the next success.

List of the Best and Top Ravi Teja Movies:

1. Allari Priyudu
2. Chaithanya
3. Nee Kosam
4. Padutha Teeyaga
5. Premaku Velayara
6. Khadgam Chiranjeevulu
7. Vikramarkudu
8. Krishna
9. Neninthe
10. Anjaneyulu

So if you’re searching for the upcoming Ravi Teja movies 2013 will be expecting then you should probably check out this fantastic list of newest Ravi Teja releases. This is one of the best Ravi Teja lists which has been made for your convenience that you can check out for every kind of information. Is Ravi Teja one of your favorites? Are you the kinds who simple loves to check out every update which is available online regarding movies and filmographies of your favorite artists.

List of Upcoming Ravi Teja Movies 2013

1. Romeo
2. Balapu
3. Jintatha Jita Jita

Are searching for a synopsis as well? This is the only place where you can come across every inch of live update regarding Ravi Teja and plenty other artists. You can learn about the newly established movies of Ravi Teja alognside information regarding his featuring character.

1. Romeo: One of the confirmed movies of Ravi Teja which features him as a guest appearance act where he plays an entertaining role. Knowing that Ravi Teja & Puri are kown comrades, because of which he has been cast for a cameo role in this hilarious and pure entertainment movie. Directed under Sairam Shankar, this movie is planning on being released around the 19th January.

2. Balapu: Another of Ravi Teja’s massive hits of 2013, the movie features the actor in a lead role which will be released exactly on May 2013. The movie Balapu has been produced by Prasad Vara Potluri and directed under Gopichand Malineni. Leading ladies of the movie assigned are Shruti Haasan and Anjali in this dramatic romance 2013 will be expecting.

3. Jintatha Jita Jita: A comedy release of Ravi Teja who has recently decided to act in movie which is being directed a young new participant, Koti in which follows one of the main roles of Ravi Teja. The movie is being produced by Sai Korrapati and is expected to be released in the coming months of 2013.

If you’re looking for the perfect corner which gives to you an engaging list of upcoming Telugu movies then you’ve hit the right spot! Right from artist biographies to their filmography which has been mentioned for every Telugu artist, enjoy checking out the latest Ravi Teja Upcoming Telugu movies 2013 List is expecting.

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