Prabhas Raju Movies List – Upcoming 2013

Prabhas Raju Movies List: Upcoming Telugu Movies 2013 ,Biography: Another majorly important actor in the Telugu industry has been Prabhas Raju who has been listed as one of the top actors with the highest salaries as an Indian film actor. Born on 23rd October 1979, this actor was known as the ‘Young Rebel Star’ of the Telugu film industry once he made his debut from the movie Eeshwar. It was his 2004 movie release Varsham after which Prabhas became familiarly popular in the film industry and has set out to release a few upcoming Telugu movies 2013 is expecting.

Prabhas Raju upcoming movies list 2013

He has been claimed as the action/romance hero of the Telugu cinematics who after starring in movies like Rebel, Billa, Munna etc has become exceedingly popular because of his charming personality as well as charismatic acting skills. Prabhas Raju shares the film industry’s bloodline with the famous actor Krishnam Raju who is his uncle. Being the youngest amongst three children, Prabhas made a heavy impact upon the Telugu film industry once he was cast as the lead for the movie Eeshwar which became a major hit amongst the audience.

He has been nominated plenty a times for the Filmfare Telugu Film Awards and has even won a title for the best actor in the movie ‘Darling’ in the CineMAA Awards. Mr.Perfect was another famous movie which was highly appreciated by the audience especially when he was nominated the Best Actor for this movie.

Super Hit Telugu Movies of Prabhas Raju:

1. Varsham
2. Chakram
3. Chatrapathi
4. Eeshwar
5. Billa
6. Darling
7. Mr. Perfect
8. Rebel
9. Bujjigadu
10. Munna

Are you searching for the upcoming movies Prabhas Raju will release in 2013? We provide to you the ideal list of newest Telugu movies 2013 is expecting and Prabhas Raju is one of those Telugu actors whose recent screenplays have been announced alongside their release dates.

list of upcoming Prabhas Raju movies 2013

1. Mirchi
2. Kick 2
3. Billa 2
4. Baahubali

We provide a synopsis of the movies listed above, three of which have been confirmed for Prabhas Raju and he shall be acting within these movies in the following months to come.

1. Mirchi: One of Prabhas Raju’s recently updated movies which will be released on February 8, 2013. The movie comprises of Prabhas Raju in the lead role where he plays a hopelessly romantic and madly in love individual. Alongside Prabhas will be Anushka Shetty & Richa Gangopadhyay. The choreography will be managed under Raghu & Raju Sundaram.

2. Billa 2: After the initial success of Billa, Prabhas Raju has been recasted for the second release of the movie where again he stars as the lead in this action/drama release where he will act alongside Anushka and Namitha as the leading ladies of the movie. It has been announced that the movie will be released on 14th November 2013 which definitely means a long wait.

3. Kick 2: Directed under Surender Reddy and produced by Venkat, we have yet another Telugu release which has been settled for the date 14th September 2013 in which Prabhas Raju will star as the lead actor. The movie is completely about action and drama mixed together which is sure to become a massive blockbuster for the year 2013.

So if you have enjoyed checking out this list of the upcoming Prabhas Raju movies 2013 is expecting then you may stay tuned in for more information. This panel where movies and music are absolutely loved, we give to you the daily updates regarding the newest Telugu movies of Prabhas Raju in 2013 will be expecting.

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