Pitbull New Albums Songs 2014 List – Top 10 Popular

Popular in the stage name of Pitbull, Armando Cristian PĂ©rez was born in the year 1981 on January 15th. He is one of the popular singer, rapper, actor, songwriter and also a record producer. The first ever recorded performance of Pitbull was from the album named Kings of Crunk in the year 2004. It was in the same year in which he made his debut album which was titled MIAMI. Since then some more albums of Pitbull were also released which were quite successful. We jot down some of the awesome songs from the new released Pitbull albums with the hope that you all will love to listen to them. Pitbull official Website

Pitbull new songs albums 2014 list

Pitbull Top 10 songs all time

The areas of specialization in music by Pitbull are Hip Hop music, Latin rap, electronic dance music, Euro dance music, and also the house music. He showed his perfection in all these areas and reached the heart of millions of people across the globe. Besides melody the real essence of rhythm made the songs of Pitbull more appealing to the audience of the world of music. There is so much variation in each of his songs that you will get bored listening to this numbers. Below is the list of Pitbull songs all time top of different blend of flavor which on a real term create sensation in the music lovers:

  1. Give Me Everything
  2. International Love
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Rain It Over Me
  5. DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love
  6. On the Floor
  7. I Like It
  8. I Know You Want Me
  9. Hotel Room Service
  10. Rain Over Me

Pitbull New Albums 2014

This year there were not many releases of songs and albums by Pitbull. But still the single album released this year 2014, is Global warming. this album did well in the music industry and apart from this there was one release of compilation new music album named” Original Hits” which is also doing really well in reaching the hearts of the fans of Pitbull. Find below some of the latest and Pitbull new albums 2014 songs.

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Pitbull New Songs 2014 list

If we start counting the successful songs of Pitbull then of sure we will get tired of listing them as the list is going to be very long. The year 2013 was medium for Pitbull as there were not many releases but still he is on with the live concerts round the world. We expect that the year 2014 will be really good for him. Check out the most popular Pitbull new song 2014 list:

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The above list of songs are not the end of list of songs by Pitbull, there are lot many to be enlisted. So what are you waiting for, keep visiting the site as we will keep you updated of the latest Pitbull new songs and albums 2014 list.

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