New Top Happy Birthday Songs 2014 list MP3 Watch

Best Happy Birthday Songs 2014 Watch

A birthday comes once in a year! The most special songs are the ones that should be played on such occasions. We will give you the MOST special songs in our best happy birthday songs 2014 list so that you would not have to look elsewhere.The chance of using the perfect songs for your beloved person’s birthday will come only once in a year, picking the perfect ones becomes essential, and we will make it possible for you with our top happy birthday songs 2014 list!

best Happy Birthday Songs list 2014 mp3

Our best happy birthday songs 2014 list provides you with not only the songs that you could play while wishing a person happy birthday, but even the kind of songs that you could play in a birthday party for all your guests to have a nice time! Our top happy birthday songs 2014 list will also include the kind of songs that you might want your loved one to listen to privately to make him/her feel special. Or maybe you want to wish your parents and give them a nice warm feeling through a nice musical birthday song. You will find it all here on our top happy birthday songs list!

All time favorite Happy Birthday Songs 2014

Maybe give your loved one nice rocking birthday with songs like Birthday by The Beatles! Or maybe a peaceful birthday wish by the Birthday Song sung by Madonna (feat. M.I.A). You will find all such songs in our top happy birthday songs 2014 list! And of course the classic Birthday Songs is going to be there too! Talking about classic songs, our best happy birthday songs 2014 will also give you songs like Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Tune Weavers which you could play to make your loved one’s birthday special!

  1. Beautiful Boy ~ Celine Dion
  2. 100 Years ~ Five For Fighting
  3. Happy Birthday To You ~ Frank Sinatra
  4. Just the Way You Are ~ Billy Joel
  5. Thanks for the Memories ~ Frank Sinatra
  6. Too Marvelous for Words ~ Frank Sinatra
  7. These Are The Days ~ Natalie Merchant
  8. Photograph ~ Nickleback
  9. It Don’t Have to Change ~ John Legend
  10. Let’s Hear It For The Boy ~ Denise Williams

Best Birthday Songs for Kids

If I Could ~ Celine Dion
Let Them Be Little ~ Billy Dean
The Greatest Gift ~ Steve & Annie Chapman
The One Who Lives Inside Your Heart ~ Lari White
O Little One ~ Angelo Petrucci
A Baby’s Prayer ~ Kathy Troccoli
A Mother’s Prayer ~ Celine Dion
Handprints On The Wall~ Kenny Rogers
You Bring Me Joy ~ Carolyn Arends
Children are a Treasure from The Lord ~ Steve Green

Best Songs For Birthday Party

Happy Birthday To You ~ AV
For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow ~ AV
Birthday ~ The Beatles
The Happy Birthday Song ~ Arrogant Worms
Happy Birthday Sweet 16 ~ Neil Sedaka
16 Candles ~ Crests
Get The Party Started ~ Pink Floyd
When Dreams Are Born ~ John Williams
Eighteen ~ Alice Cooper
Happy Birthday ~ Rock and Roll Instrumental

More Top Happy Birthday Songs 2014 list

Well maybe you’re searching Mp3 for songs like Only The Good Die Young by Billy Joel, In Da Club by 50 cent, Birthday by Flo Rida, which you could play in your Birthday Party to make it an awesome one! The best happy birthday songs 2014 list will also include songs like Breaking Watch of the hollywood movie High School Musical for the calm soothing times. Our Top happy birthday new songs 2014 is a complete package with songs for all kinds of birthdays which you will not find anywhere else!

Coming Soon…

Well then what are you waiting for? Get updated with our Best Happy Birthday Songs 2014 list now if any of your known one’s birthday is around! Our Top Happy Birthday songs 2014 list mp3 is the best with top songs of all times and we guarantee that you will not find such a collection anywhere else!

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