New Latest : Best Punjabi Songs 2014 list

We bring you the top punjabi songs 2014 list with latest and new punjabi songs for Watch mp3 download that will set your any party rocking Step up to grove to the latest Punjabi music in the country.! Punjabi songs have been adorning parties since a long time. The popularity of Punjabi music is not confined just to North India. The magnanimous fame that Punjabi Singers like Mika, Daler Mehndi and Honey singh have earned in last few years is fueled by their contribution to Bollywood rather than just Punjabi Music. We bring you best Punjabi Songs 2014 list to thump up your parties!

Latest new best punjabi songs 2014

The uncontrollable urge of dancing to Punjabi tracks is long known. A list of best punjabi songs 2014 will only add fire to this urge. The following year was a great success to Punjabi Music industry as numerous Punjabi songs were incorporated in Hindi films. This is why a list of best Punjabi Songs 2014 has some promising tracks for you to get addicted to. So put on your party shoes as as we are sure the next year will bring you some incredible music you will not stop dancing to!
All time favorite top Punjabi Songs 2014

Be it a marriage, a birthday party or a random get together; Punjabi songs have been killing it at every party since forever. Our list of top punjabi songs 2014 includes songs from evergreen singers like Gurdas Mann, Amrinder Gill and many more. Songs like “Chitiyan” and “Haan Kehde” are few of those songs which will just stick in your head forever. The fun in these songs are so contagious that you will be stuck to singing to these tunes all day long. We know it for a fact that best punjabi songs 2014 list is something which will become your favorite playlist.

Top Punjabi Songs 2014 list

Punjabi Singers have been all over the Bollywood in last few years. Our top punjabi songs 2014 list includes some rocking songs from some popular artists like Honey Singh, Miss Pooja and many more. “Get Up Jawani”, “Love” are few of Honey Singh’s songs that will be in our release of best punjabi songs 2014 list.

02-Short Dress
03-Munda Iphone Warga
06-2 Number ( Feat Amrinder Gill,Young Fateh)
07-Ek Tera Pyar
08-Upar Upar In The Air
10-Khu Te Bar
12-Tequila Shot
13-Look Lak
14-Munde Piche Piche
15-Kudi Tu Pataka
16-Take Your Sandals Off
18-Proper Patola
19-Aashqui Te Loan

If you have ever felt a need of some party anthems in your PC, mobile phones or tablets; your wait is over. The best punjabi songs 2014 list will give you and your friends some mind boggling party tracks to groove to. All you need to do is stay connected with us for the best punjabi music in the country.

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