Miley Cyrus New Songs Albums List 2014 Top 10

Miley Cyrus new Albums Songs 2014

A very popular name in the world of music is Miley Ray Cyrus. She was born in the name of Destiny Hope Cyrus, in the year 1992 on 23rd of November. Besides being an American singer and song writer she is also an amazing actress. She got her first success in music with the release of the sound track of Hannah Montana (2006). She is considered as the teen idol of the music industry. Below is the list of Miley Cyrus 10 top songs which is specially selected for the fans of Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus photos new songs 2014 albums list

Miley Cyrus new albums 2014:

It was in the year 2008, when the first ever solo album of Miley Cyrus was released. It was “Breakout”, the first music album of Miley Cyrus which received a grand success across globe. Some more albums are almost ready to get released on the coming year 2014. Below is the list of Miley Cyrus new albums 2014 for you:

Coming Soon…..

All time Miley Cyrus top 10 songs

It was in the year 2008; Miley Cyrus got the nomination for Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for the theme song of “Bolt”, which is “I Thought I Lost You”. She is successful both as an actress and as a singer. There are several popular numbers sung by her which touched the soul of the music lover. Being the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus, you will love to know the fact that in the solo album “Breakout” Miley herself wrote eight out of the twelve songs along with a co-writer. We thought of providing you with the list of some of the most popular songs of Miley Cyrus. So what are you waiting for, join us to Check out the below list of Miley Cyrus music:

  1. Party in the U.S.A.
  2. See You Again
  3. 7 Things
  4. The Climb
  5. Permanent December
  6. Can’t Be Tamed
  7. Liberty Walk
  8. When I Look at You
  9. Two More Lonely People
  10. Who Owns My Heart

Miley Cyrus new songs 2014:

For the upcoming album for the year 2014, which is going to be the fourth one for Miley Cyrus, she is all set to work with various producers for a successful launch. The year 2013 is more or less good for Miley Cyrus, but expectations are made that she will come up with some new spice in her songs. So we need to wait and watch to see the real magic in her music in the coming year 2014. Below is the list of Miley Cyrus new songs 2014:

Coming Soon…

The above lists of songs of Miley Cyrus will be updated on regular basis. If you are the supreme fan of Miley Cyrus then stay tuned with us for the latest news on her new songs and albums of 2014.

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