Madonna New Songs 2014 List Top 10 Albums

Best New Madonna songs List 2014

The great American singer, artist’s Madonna is born in the year 1958, on August 16th. She is born in the Bay City of Michigan, and later moved to New York City in the year 1977. It was in New York, her interest on dance developed. She has got a great craze with her first album itself. She remained in everyone’s heart with her fabulous dance songs. Most of her songs have hit the number one records. What not, she is a great singer, director, songwriter, dancer, entrepreneur and actress. She has really done amazing works. She has spread her magic throughout the world. Most of her songs are almost near to the real life. Most of her albums are very unique, and each and every song of her album has its own specialty. She is the best lady singer, who has rocked the world with her songs. Check out some of the Best Madonna Songs:

Madonna photos top 10 new songs albums list 2014

Though she was in a very busy schedule, Madonna has done some amazing albums especially for her fans throughout the world. These albums will definitely memorize all the music lovers. The below list of Madonna albums were scheduled to release in the year 2014, almost in its 1st half. So, you have to wait eagerly to listen to her albums. Her style, beauty, and songs everything makes her albums look very grand on the screen. So, the people who loves her music must definitely try out the below list of albums to enjoy the world of music. These albums are combination of different songs. Each song differs from the other, and this makes the listeners some more interesting. Below is the list of Top Madonna Songs 2014:

Famous Madonna top 10 songs all time

We have gathered all the popular songs from her various albums here, to make all her fans so happy. It is a great task to find out the best songs in her entire career, as each and every song has its own specialty. Each and every song is composed in an amazing way by her. The below is the list of Famous Madonna songs, listen them and enjoy maximum.

  1. “Hollywood” (2003)
  2. “Like A Prayer” (1989)
  3. “Lucky Star” (1984)
  4. “Ray of Light” (1998)
  5. “Music” (2000)
  6. “Everybody” (1982)
  7. “Like A Virgin” (1984)
  8. “Beautiful Killer” (2012)
  9. “Burning Up” (1983)
  10. “Holiday” (1983)

Madonna New Albums songs List 2014:

Madonna’s latest songs are definitely going to create a sensation in the world of music. The below list of songs were sung and composed by Madonna. These songs are getting scheduled to release in the year 2014, as a New Year gift. The below list of her upcoming albums songs 2014 will definitely make you to tell wow!!

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Stay tuned to this site to find the regular updates on Madonna new songs albums list 2014 , and her latest releases.

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