Julia Roberts Upcoming movies list 2014 2015

Julia Roberts’s movies list with upcoming new movies 2014

Julia Roberts is a great American actress, who is born on 28th October, 1967. She still looks so young and beautiful even at this age. She had become the Hollywood most wanted actress with the Pretty woman, which exceeded the collection $464million. She had received golden globe award for the film steel Magnolias which is released in the year 1989. She had also won the academy award for her outstanding and unique performance in the film Erin Brockovich. Some of the other popular hits of Julia are the pelican brief, Mystic Pizza, Notting hill, wedding, my best friend’s, Ocean’s eleven, Charlie Wilson War, Oceans Twelve, Mirror mirror and Valentine’s day. In fact she is a very successful actress of Hollywood. According to the 2010 estimations she had a net worth of $140million. She is also listed in the most beautiful women of world and also the hottest woman too. She is the world’s most reputed actress and also one of the richest celebrities of the world.

Julia Roberts upcoming movies list 2014 2015

List of super hit movies till date of Julia Roberts:

Below is the list of hit movies of Julia Roberts which performed well in the box office and we all know that she is the sweet heart of all movie lovers.
• Notting hill
• Erin Brockovich
• The Mexican
• The Pelican Brief
• Michael Collins
• Ocean’s Eleven
• Mystic Pizza
• Pretty Woman
• Steel Magnolias
• Flatliners
• Charlotte’s Web
• My Best Friend’s Wedding
• Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
• Tell Them Who You Are
• Closer
• Runaway Bride
• Stepmom
• Duplicity
• Eat Pray Love
• Charlie Wilson’s War
• Mona Lisa Smile
• Valentine’s Day
• Stepmom

Julia Roberts’s upcoming films 2014 2015 list:

The below films are the upcoming Hollywood films 2014 of Julia and as usual she had done a fabulous job in all the below films. All the below listed movies are the most anticipated films of the Hollywood. She is a very choosy actress who only acts for the interesting films. Have a look below to find out their release dates.

Snow white: We all knew Julia as a romantic and pretty actress. But now Julia is doing a very different role in this movie. She is playing the role of evil queen in this film. You will definitely get surprised after watching her performance in this film. This 46 years lady is not less to the young actresses in the competition wise. She is still experimenting something new always. She is looking damn great in this film with heavy frocks. They are planning to release this film in the month of March. So, get ready to watch this amazing movie!

Osage country: It was the last recent movie by Julia Roberts. The other cast of this movie are Julliette Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Chris Cooper, Sam ShepardMisty Upham and many more. Everyone had really done a fabulous job in this film. This movie was released in the month of december 2013.

We promise to keep you updated about the latest upcoming movies of Julia Roberts. Please Stay tuned with us to find more and latest hot updates of Julia Roberts Upcoming New Movies 2014 2015 here! Don’t go away, Have a blast!

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