Jay-z new songs albums 2014 list

Top Jay-z new Songs 2014

Shawn Carter is popularly known as Jay-z throughout the world, and he was born in the year 1969 on 4th December in Brooklyn of New York. He is famous for the greatest hip-hop music all over the world. He started his career with the hip-hop music in the year 1989. This American rapper is also a great record producer, occasional actor and entrepreneur. Besides, he is the most successful entrepreneur and hip-hop artist of the world. He style of singing and everything looks really great. He is the only singer who had achieved success within no time after his entry into the field.

jay-z new songs list 2014

Everybody around the world is eagerly waiting for his songs and all the music lovers have to listen to his hip-hop music to enjoy and feel the true essence of music. No doubt in it, he is going to create records in the world with his unique songs. Besides, he is nominated for several awards like Grammy awards, MTV awards and many more. Apart from being nominated he had also won these awards. He had given some television appearances and had also done some live shows. Most of his live shows have acquired a great applause from the people of various parts of the world.

Jay-z top songs and albums of all time 2014:

Picking the best songs from the Jay-z albums is really a great task because every song of his album sounds too good. However, we have collected some songs on taking the opinion of various people across the world. Check it out to find which songs of Jay-z are top rated. Besides, you can prefer these songs for any dance competitions to attract the attention of everyone. The songs of Jay-z look so energetic and boosts up everyone.

Top albums by Jay-z:

• Watch the Throne [2011]
• The Black Album [[2003]
• The Hits Collection, [2010]
• The Blueprint [2001]
• Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life [1998]
• Reasonable Doubt [1999]
• Collision Course [2004]
• American Gangster [2007]

Top songs by Jay-z:

1. “Regrets”
2. “D’evils”
3. “Dead Presidents” I & II
4. “A Million and One Questions”
5. “Can’t Knock the Hustle”
7. “U Don’t Know” / “U Don’t Know” (Remix feat MOP)
8. “Song Cry”
9. “Where I’m from”
10. “Can I Live”
11. “December 4th” / “My 1st Song”
12. “Brooklyn’s Finest”
13. “Renegade”
14. “Heart of the City” / “Lucifer”
15. “Meet the Parents”
16. “This Can’t Be Life”

Jay-z new songs albums 2014 list:

Jay-z is planning for some new albums to make his fans happier. We will provide the list of Jay-z new songs albums very soon and you will definitely enjoy every song of those albums. No doubt in it, that all albums so far from this star created a new trend in the world of music. Besides, each and every song of these albums looks so unique. Do listen to all the above listed albums and don’t miss out the fabulous music.

We will provide you the upcoming concert dates and details of Jay-z soon.

Visit this site often to find the updates on Jan-z new, upcoming and top songs 2014. You will find all the latest information related to the Jay-z here. So, stay tuned and don’t go away!

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