Jason Derulo New Songs 2014 Album List – Top 10

Jason Derulo New Songs 2014

Hope we all are aware of the young musical star in the kingdom music, Jason Joel Desrouleaux. Hope you are feeling it difficult to recognize the young man. He is popular on stage in the name of Jason Derulo. He is an American singer, actor, song writer as well as a dancer too. He is a perfect example of all in one. He was born in the year 1989 on 21st of September. His debut single which created real sensation in the world of music was “Whatcha Say” in the year 2009 when he was just 20 years old. He is real talent by birth and no one can ignore the fact. We are providing you a list of Jason Derulo Songs which we guess you will bang on to listen:

Jason Derulo photos new songs albums list 2014 top 10

Jason Derulo spend a long time for writing songs for some great artists like Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston Danity Kane and many more are there on the list. He started his career in the writing of the songs since then when he was just a sixteen year old boy. The imaginative power with sense of representation made him a star of today. It was in the year 2006 when the perfect beginning of his singing career takes place. After grand success of his first ever single song he concentrated to work on the release of his albums. We are enlisting Jason Derulo Music which is memorable and loved by all Jason Derulo fans till date.

Jason Derulo Top 10  Songs all time

Have you managed to get the opportunity to listen to Jason Derulo Love Songs? The love songs sung by him are really awesome and very close to the heart of the fans of Jason Derulo. In case you missed the same then we are here to help you out with the long list of love songs sung by Jason Derulo still now and also became very popular among the youngster of this generation: Look at the list of Jason Derulo Top 10 Songs all time.

  1. It Girl
  2. In My Head
  3. Ridin’ Solo
  4. Don’t Wanna Go Home
  5. Whatcha Say
  6. Breathing
  7. Fight For You
  8. What If
  9. The Sky’s The Limit
  10. Be Careful

Jason Derulo New Top Songs 2014

He contributed in various different genre of music which includes R&B, pop song, rock song, dance song etc. As such a young age he contributed a lot to the music industry. Here is the list of Jason Derulo New Songs 2014 albums.

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Keep listening to the songs of Jason Derulo and enjoy the melody of it. We hope you will love to listen to these numbers numbers of Jason Derulo new songs 2014 and latest albums top 10.

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