Imagine Dragons new songs albums 2014 list

Top Imagine dragons new Songs 2014

Imagine dragons is the Las Vegas rock band which is popular for its indie rock and alternative rock style of music. Andrew Tolman and Brittany Tolman are the past members and the former members of this Band. At present this rock band includes Dan Reynolds (vocals, drums), Ben McKee (Backing vocals and bass), Wayne Sermon (backing vocals, guitar) and Dan Platzman (Backing vocals, viola, and drums). All these members were active from 2008 to present. Their songs will really boost up the listeners mood and energy. You will definitely swing your body and put your hands together while watching their live performance.

imagine dragons new songs albums 2014 list

This band is also nominated for various awards and won many awards. Everyone including me is very crazy for their songs. Their style, music, lyrics, what not everything looks fabulous in their live events. At present they are planning to give their live performance in Dallas, Las Vegas and Tempe. So, get ready to enjoy with your friends and family members in these events. No doubt in it, their alternative and indie style of music will attract even the most moody person.

Imagine dragons top songs and albums of all time 2014:

We have brought here the top songs of Imagine Dragons and do try these songs in your parties and college events to have great fun and to enjoy maximum. We have formed the below list on considering the reviews of various people around the world. Hope you all love these songs! Check it out to find the one which you are looking for. No doubt in it, you will definitely have a great time while listening to these songs.

Top Albums by Imagine dragon -

• Continued Silence
• It’s Time Lyrics

Top songs by Imagine Dragon:

1. Radioactive
2. Tiptoe
3. It’s Time
4. Demons
5. On Top Of the World
6. Amsterdam
7. Hear Me
8. Every Night
9. Bleeding Out
10. Underdog
11. Nothing Left to Say/Rocks
12. My Fault
13. Round and Round
14. The River
15. America
16. Selene

Imagine dragons new songs albums 2013:

The Imagine dragon is coming up with 3 new albums this year in 2014. The two albums which they had released recently have attracted the attention of everyone around the world. No doubt in it the upcoming albums of this band will be very successful. The list of Imagine dragons new songs albums 2014 will be provided soon especially for you. Right now only one album name is disclosed by them which is getting released on 12th of February, 2014 and it is “Night Vision”.

We have specially designed this site to provide you all the latest updates related to the Imagine dragon upcoming, new and best songs. We will keep on updating this site regularly, so do visit it to find the information which you are looking for. Have a blast!

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