Gorillaz new songs albums 2014 list

Top Gorillaz new Songs 2014

Gorillaz is formed by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. They had spoke about this band in the year 1990, but finally it came into action in the year 1998. This visual and musical project has become popular throughout the world soon within no time. This troop also consists of 4 animated members 2D (melodica, keyboard and lead vocalist), Murdoc Niccals (Drum machine and bass guitar), Russel Hobbs (Percussion and drums), and Noodle (Occasional vocals, guitar and keyboard). Their music is a fabulous combination of various musicians, and the Albarn is the permanent music contributor for this troop. The former live members of this troop includes Simon Katz(Rhythm and lead guitar), Junior Dan(bass guitar), William Lyonell(Rhythm and lead guitar), Simon Jones(Rhythm guitar), Morgan Nicholls(Bass guitar), and Roberto(bass guitar).

gorillaz new songs albums 2014 list

They usually compose the songs in a new style and this includes different genres of music like hip hop, rock, dub, alternative, pop and electronica. This troop was awarded several awards like Grammy awards, MTV music awards, Brit awards, and many more. This is the troop which was nominated for the 5 Grammy awards in the year. This troop has set a new trend of music in the world of music. No doubt in it, they will definitely create records with their new albums. The present live members of this troop include Mike Smith (Key boards), Cass Browne (Percussion and Drums), Jeff Wootton (lead guitar), Simon Tong (Rhythm and lead guitar), Mick Jones (Rhythm guitar), Jesse Hackett (Keyboards), Paul Simonon (Bass guitar) and Gabriel Wallace (drums).

Gorillaz top songs and albums of all time 2014:

It is really difficult to pick up the best songs from the albums of Gorillaz as each and every song of their album is a master piece. However, we have collected some best from their best songs on considering the ratings of the people. Check out the below list to find out the songs which were rated top by the people. You will really enjoy all the songs from the below top songs list.

Top album from Gorillaz -

• Demon Days
• Plastic Beach
• Gorillaz
• The Fall
• D-Sides
• G-Sides

Top songs from Gorillaz -

• Feel Good Inc
• Clint Eastwood
• On Melancholy Hill
• Dare
• Dirty Harry
• Rhinestone Eyes
• Stylo
• Tomorrow Comes Today
• 19-2000
• El Manana
• Revolving Doors
• Superfast Jellyfish

Gorillaz new songs albums and tours 2014:

This troop is planning to launch fabulous new album this time to make their fans enjoy at the maximum. Listen to these songs definitely to not to miss out the fabulous music. As per latest following are the details of the upcoming concert tour of Gorillaz:

• US: Gorillaz Sound System concerts in US
• Europe: Gorillaz Sound System concerts in Europe
• Canada: Gorillaz Sound System concerts in Canada
• Australia: Gorillaz Sound System concerts in Australia

The dates will be released soon for these above upcoming concerts of Gorillaz .Stay tuned to our site to find more and more updates on the Gorillaz new, upcoming and best songs 2014. We will also update the details on their live performance shows too here. So, don’t go away!

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