Enrique Iglesias New Songs 2014 Albums List – Top 10

Enrique Iglesias New songs 2014

Enrique Iglesias was born as Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysle on May the 8th 1975 in Madrid in Spain. His Mother Isabel Preysler was a magazine journalist and his Father Julio Iglesias was a well known Latin singer who had an army of female fans. Enrique never wanted to be known as the son of his famous father, so unknown to Julio he borrowed some money for his family nanny and then recorded his own demo cassette. He is not only a popular name in American music industry but also in the Latin music industry too. All Enrique Iglesias songs are so awesome to hear that it becomes difficult to select some, still be jot down some of the below songs for you:

Enrique Iglesias Photos new songs albums list 2014 top 10

Mr. Enrique Iglesias, had fans who are young girls who faints at the mentioning of his name. His lists of songs are quite extensive. In 2001 he released the single “Hero” a love song which got to number 3 in the charts and also “Escape” which he also wrote. After the Haiti earthquake disaster struck, Enrique and a variety of other artists re recorded “We are the world” 25 for Haiti, Which was on the 25th anniversary of the original. It was re released in 2010 for the victims of the Haiti disaster. He is considered as the melody king of love songs, and below is the list of Enrique Iglesias love songs:

Enrique Iglesias Top Songs All Time 2014

Songs he has released in 2012 include “Can’t get enough” and “Naked” and also “Baby hold on” not forgetting “Finally found you” He also has some concert dates booked this year, earlier this year Enrique toured the north of America with Jennifer Lopez in their summer tour, where they covered 20 cities. There was couple of songs which got released this year, so check out the Enrique Iglesias top song all time 2014.

  • 1 hero
  • 2 tonight
  • 3 somebody’s me
  • 4 i like it
  • 5 addicted
  • 6 escape
  • 7 bailamos
  • 8 dirty dancer
  • 9 do you know
  • 10 Rhythm Divine

Enrique Iglesias New Albums Songs 2014

The Latin artist has gained quite a following of female fans, just as his father did in his heyday in the 70’s and 80’s. More concert dates are expected from Enrique in the near future and he has plenty more songs planned for his legion of adoring fans. With his dark Latino looks, cute smile, and mesmerizing voice, this 37 year old is a hit amongst young and old worldwide. Check out the list of New Enrique Iglesias albums 2014:

Coming Soon…

Enrique Iglesias is an all time favorite singer especially among the youngsters. We will keep updating the song list of Enrique Iglesias new song 2014 on regular basis, so keep visiting.

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