Daft Punk New Songs Albums 2014 list

Top Daft punk new Songs 2014

Daft Punk is a popular French electronic musician’s duo consisting of Homen Christo, who was born on 8th February in the year 1974 and Bangalter Thomas who is born on 3rd January, 1975. This duo became popular in the year 1990 with the France house movement and all the albums of this duo were a great success. In fact this duo acquired huge collections in the musical world. They had got a great applause from various people around the world for the fabulous music.

Daft punk new Songs 2014 list

They showed their charm to the whole world and stood as the world’s no.1 electronic music duo. In general huge number of people attends their live shows from various parts of the world to enjoy the music. They had received several awards like the Grammy awards for the best album dance/electronic album. This duo is especially famous for the special music effects and visual elements. Besides, this duo is also famous for robot costumes. If you want to enjoy maximum with your friends then do attend for their live shows. Huge crowd, lovely atmosphere, awesome music, meaningful lyrics and everything looks fabulous at their live performance.

Daft punk top songs and albums of all time 2014:

Daft punk has introduced a new genre of music into the world. The albums of the Daft Punk have set a new trend in the world of music. It would be really difficult to pick up only few songs from albums of Daft saying them that they are best. In fact every song from their albums sounds superb. Thus, we had formed the below list of top songs on considering the public’s rating into account. Check out the below list to find the songs and albums which had stolen the hearts of several people around the globe.

Top albums of Daft punk -

• Discovery
• Homework
• Alive 2007
• Human After All
• Tron: Legacy

Top songs of Daft punk -

1. Something about Us (From album Discovery)
2. Human After All (From album Human After All)
3. One More Time (From album Discovery)
4. Robot Rock (From album Human After All)
5. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (From album Discovery)
6. Face To Face (From album Discovery)
7. Da Funk (From album Homework)
8. Television Rules the Nation (From album Human After All)
9. Digital Love (From album Discovery)
10. Around The World (From album Homework)
11. Veridis Quo (From album Discovery)

Daft punk new songs albums 2014:

Daft Punk is planning to release their new albums in the month of May. However, they informed that the music is going to give a great blast. The list of Daft Punk new songs albums 2014 will be provided soon and you’ll definitely enjoy every song of these albums. No doubt in it, as usual they will collect huge collect huge collections in the market. You need to wait for some time to know the names of the upcoming files of Draft Punk as the same is not yet disclosed.

Do visit this site regularly to find all the information on Daft punk new, upcoming and top songs 2014. Have a blast with Daft punk new music albums 2014!

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