Bruno Mars Song List – 2014 Top 10 New Albums

Bruno Mars New Song Albums list 2014

We all are aware of the wonderful music of Bruno Mars, but do we have any idea about his original name? He born in the name of Peter Gene Hernandez and became popular in the world of music as Bruno Mars. He is a talented song writer, record producer and an awesome singer. He took birth in the family of great musicians and via gene his music talent came into existence. At such a young age he gained popularity and reached the heart of millions of people worldwide. Below is the list of some Bruno Mars song list which we believe everyone will love to hear.

Bruno Mars new Songs albums List 2014

From a very young are he participated in various musical functions and started to become popular. He reached California for pursuing the career in music. He took the initiative in the production of various songs for various different artists and later joined the production team of “The Smeezingtons”. All Bruno Mars songs are so well sung that being an ultimate music lover you cannot keep your ears away from his music. You can see varieties in the song of Mars. Here is a list of some of the well known songs of Bruno Mars which you will definitely listen and cherish too.

Bruno Mars Song Top 10 Songs All Time

Year after year Bruno Mars is giving numerous hit songs to the audience of good and melodious music. The best part with his music is that each and every song he sung is different from the other and this variation in song made Bruno a preferred choice of the music lovers. Mix and match of various elements are done in his song to add a different charisma in the songs. Below is the list of New Bruno Mars Songs which is very recent time creates sensation among the audience. He worked with different artist and their influence helped Bruno to discover new melody in his songs.

  1. Grenade
  2. Just the Way You Are
  3. It Will Rain
  4. The Lazy Song
  5. Talking to the Moon
  6. Marry You
  7. Lighters
  8. Billionaire
  9. Nothin’ On You
  10. Count On Me

Bruno Mars New Songs 2014

Being a bright star in the world of music he won several awards in international level. he specialized himself in the following genre of music which are POP, ROCK,HIP HOP, SOUL and R&B. Year 2013 itself is good for this star and expectations are there that in the coming year 2014 we are going see some hit releases of Bruno. Below is the list of Bruno Mars Music 2014:

Coming Soon…..

We will keep updating this Bruno Mars Songs list 2014 and Latest Albums on regular basis so stay tuned with us for more updates.

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