Best New Techno Songs 2014

New Top Techno Songs 2014

Techno music is the best dance music which has emerged in Michigan and Detroit of United States in the year 1980. Techno trance music is the form of instrumental music which has high beat. This music can be easily distinguished from the other kinds of rave or house music. The techno songs lacks in distinct melody. Techno music is manipulated with high sound waves. The special assets of this music include timber and texture sounds. These sounds will definitely dictate the vibe and mood of the techno song. Techno trance music gives you an amazing feel with its synthesized sounds. It is very easy to learn techno music as it does not require usage of any special live instruments. It is quite difficult to find the best and latest techno songs.

new best techno songs 2014

List of Top New techno songs 2014

Well you can find the top and new techno songs 2014 here. We will provide you here some good techno tracks to listen. We will update you with all the popular techno songs here. You’ll definitely love the below list of new top techno songs 2014, which takes some more time to release. You have to wait eagerly for these lovely songs to enjoy. These songs will definitely highlight your events and adds some special effects to your dance when played on good sound systems. So check out the songs list to show your true expression of love for music:

01-Mousy — Guille Placencia & George Privatti
02-Dambo (Original Mix) — Ramiro Lopez
03-Hale Bopp (Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption) — Der Dritte Raum
04-System Block (Original Mix) — Wavkiller
05-That Sound (Original Mix) — Stefano Noferini, Markus Knight
06-Friday Night — Adrian Hour, Christian Fisher
07-Within Myself (Julian Jeweil Remix) — Christian Smith
08-Black Body Radiation (Dub) — Black Asteroid
09-Another Love (Zwette Edit) — Tom Odell
10-Adapted — Deh-Noizer
11-Crispy Bacon — Laurent Garnier
12-Prototype — Stephan Crown
13-Night Express (Original Mix) — Maguta
14-Ghettocoder — Pilo
15-Tshimakanga — Heavy-K
16-How To Make (Filterheadz Remix) — Raul Mezcolanza
17-More Than Friends (Extended Version) — Inna feat. Daddy Yankee
18-O.K. (Klinika Remix) — Energun
19-Caliente (Extended Version) — Jay Santos
20-3Talisman-Class Destroyer — Clouds

This page is specially meant to provide you all the latest updates on the new techno songs as you love music at the best. So, stay tuned and join us to find the top new techno songs for the year 2014. The best new techno songs of 2014 will definitely be a great gift to the music lovers.

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