list of all Shakira songs – Top 10 New Albums 2014

 List of all Shakira songs 2014

This well known public figure was born in the Columbia on 2nd February 1977. Shakira has started performing ever since her childhood and till in date continuing to be a performer true to the meaning of the term. However, she took her first step towards stardom by taking part in her school activities and function .Her debut album was released in 1990. Her songs and lyrics have a flow of taste and choice which hold back all her audiences in the mood of singing and dancing. Find below the list of all of Shakira songs.

shakira new albums songs list 2014

Shakira new releases albums Songs 2014

Shakira has started a new trend of developing a taste towards rock music which has found popularity among the teenagers specially. Her style and fashion have become so popular that she has been given the title of youth style icon. Her voice quality and flexibility of the body simply is irresistible. People literally copy Shakira. All of them die to hear her and want to dance as well as her. Many have developed an interest in music only after hearing her melodious voice. Her voice mesmerizes people of every age. Thus, presenting before you the below listed new releases Shakira songs albums 2014.

Shakira New Albums 2014 .. Coming Soon

Shakira Top 10 Songs all Time

Shakira apart from launching hit and popular music albums conduct live stage performances also. She sorts to rule the field of live concerts. No other celebrity can match up to the number of audiences Shakira manage to gather in her single concert. Irrespective of sex and creed, Britney Spear is a favorite of all. Shakira’s signature song of FIFA 2009 is still in the mind of the audiences. Below are some of her most popular hits top 10 songs she gave so far.

  1. La Tortura
  2. Lo Hecho Esta Hecho (Did It Again)
  3. Loba (She-wolf)
  4. Ciega, sordomuda
  5. No
  6. Hips Don’t Lie
  7. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)
  8. Las De La Intuicion
  9. Hay Amores
  10. Objection (Tango)

Shakira New songs 2014:

Every year Shakira comes with her new, developed songs and each year the songs are better than the before ones. This year too Shakira is all set to rule the blockbuster chart list like all the other years. Hence, for all Shakira lovers, here comes the chart of New Shakira songs 2014 by one and only Shakira. Groove to her tune and have a blast!

Latest Songs 2014 …. Coming soon

The songs by Shakira are loved by all music lovers across globe and we as fans expect something more from her. Hope she will fulfill our desired wish by giving some new Shakira songs and albums 2014. So wait and watch what magic she creates in the music world in the coming year 2014.

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