Akon New Albums Songs List 2014 – Top 10 Hits

Akon New Album Songs List 2014

Do you know the full name of the great music Star Akon new songs 2014 list ? If no then let us tell you he was born in the name of Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam in the year 1973, on April 16. By profession he is all in one in one big packet, he is a song writer, a singer, a businessman and also a record producer. His voice is very soulful and shimmering and touches your heart very soon. It is very difficult to say which songs of Akon are the best as all the songs sung by him are equally good and soothing to ears. Still to satisfy the souls of the fans of Akon, we prepared a list of Best Akon songs 2014:

Akon new songs list Stadium Album Photos 2014

With the release of the song “Locked Up” which is one of the songs from his album “Trouble”, he hit the chart of popularity in the year 2004. If you can manage to hear the song “I Wanna Love You” then we are pretty sure that if you are not yet a fan of Akon, you will become after listening to it. Several love songs are sung by Akon which become very popular in the music industry and loved by his fans too. We prepared a list of new Akon songs 2014 which you will surely love to hear.

Akon top 10 songs all time 2014

Being a Akon fan you will love to know that it was only Akon who managed to bag both the 1st as well as the end position in the Billboard Hot 100 charts for two times. Akon also prefers to sing the hooks for other music artist and gave more than 300 appearances as the guest along with more than 35 songs listed in the Billboard top charts. Check out the Akon top songs 2014 and new albums 2014 as we believe you will rock while listening to this numbers.

  1. Right Now (Na Na Na) – Freedom
  2. Beautiful – Freedom
  3. Smack That – Konvicted
  4. One Day At A Time -Euphoria
  5. Keep You Much Longer -Freedom
  6. I Wanna Love You -Konvicted…
  7. Holla Holla -Freedom
  8. Troublemaker -Freedom
  9. Be With You -Freedom
  10. Lonely -Trouble
  11. Freedom -Freedom
  12. Don’t Matter -Konvicted…
  13. We Don’t Care -Freedom
  14. Sorry, Blame It On… -Konvicted…
  15. I’m So Paid -Freedom

Akon New songs Albums 2014

Especially for the Akon fans it is great to know that his name appears in the Guinness book of world records for being the no.1 artist in the selling of the master ring tone. Just wait at watch the Akon new songs in this 2014 album.

Coming Soon ….

Akon is a great star who has created sensation in the kingdom of music. Hope you all will love listening to the enlisted songs of Akon. Visit us again to check out the latest update on the Akon new songs and albums 2014.

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